Resources for Teachers - Gender Representation

Gender Messages in Alcohol Advertising - Lesson

In this lesson, students think critically about culturally inherited gender stereotypes, and explore how stereotypes about men nd women are promoted and reinforced through the images and messages in alcohol ads.

Sex in Advertising - Lesson

To introduce students to the use and prevalence of sexuality in advertising.

Comic Book Characters

In this lesson, students learn how shapes are used in character design in comics and animation and look at how male and female characters are depicted in comic books. Using a Comic Book Analysis sheet, students will record the attributes of male and female comic book characters. As a class, students will record common patterns and discuss what messages about men and women are communicated. Students then design a comic book character that uses shapes to communicate what they think a real hero is.

Favourite Sports and Athletes: Introduction to Sports Media - Lesson

This lesson develops a beginning awareness by students of how they feel towards, and respond to, different sports, and how the media represents athletics.

Advertising and Male Violence

To make students aware of the ways in which male violence is used and promoted in advertising.