Resources for Teachers - Gender Representation

The Constructed World of Media Families

In this lesson, students identify the differences between TV families and real families by analyzing the conventions used by TV shows; and by comparing the problems and actions of television families to real world families.

Gender and Tobacco - Lesson

In this lesson, students explore gender-related influences on smoking.

TV Dads: Immature and Irresponsible? - Lesson

In this lesson, students explore the nature of stereotypes by looking at the negative image of the TV dad as presented in situation comedies (sitcoms) and advertisements.

The Girl in the Mirror - Lesson

In this lesson, students look at how gender stereotyping may discourage young women from becoming involved in politics.

Favourite Sports and Athletes: Introduction to Sports Media - Lesson

This lesson develops a beginning awareness by students of how they feel towards, and respond to, different sports, and how the media represents athletics.