Outcome Chart - Manitoba - Aboriginal Languages and Studies 7-8

GLO 3: Language Use in Context

Overall Expectations

3.3.3 Safety and Well-Being

Specific Expectations

3.3.3: A-8

research and discuss ways to access valid health information and health-promoting products and services in the community

3.3.3: C-8

explain safety rules, routines, and procedures related to a specific activity

3.3.3: D-8

discuss scenarios and outline strategies for avoiding situations that could lead to conflict and violence

3.3.3: E-8

outline safety guidelines to protect self and others from harmful situations

MediaSmarts Resources

Behaving Ethically Online: Ethics and Values

Cyberbullying and Civic Participation

Cyberbullying and the Law

I heard it ‘round the Internet: Sexual health education and authenticating online information

Online Marketing to Kids: Protecting Your Privacy

Privacy and Internet Life: Lesson Plan for Intermediate Classrooms

Promoting Ethical Behaviour Online: My Virtual Life

Stay on the Path Lesson Three: Treasure Maps

Stay on the Path Lesson Two: All That Glitters is Not Gold

That’s Not Cool

The Hero Project: Authenticating Online Information

The Target is You!

Understanding Cyberbullying : Virtual vs. Physical Worlds

Who Knows? Your Privacy in the Information Age

Winning the Cyber Security Game


GLO 4: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Overall Expectations

4.3.2 Intercultural Perspectives and Skills

Specific Expectations

4.3.2: B-8

discuss different perspectives on diverse elements of Aboriginal cultures, and speculate on their origins (e.g., stereotypes within cultures

4.3.2: D-8

identify the limitations of adopting a single perspective (e.g., on objects, persons, experiences, events), and discuss the value of diverse perspectives

4.3.2: E-8

describe the impact of discriminatory attitudes and practices (e.g., racism, prejudice, stereotyping) on quality of life

4.3.2: F-8

describe influences (e.g., culture, time, place, cross-cultural interactions, media, governance) that create differences in world views

MediaSmarts Resources

Bias and Crime in Media

Exposing Gender Stereotypes

Hate 2.0

Hate or Debate

Learning Gender Stereotypes

Perceptions of Youth and Crime

Scapegoating and Othering

The Impact of Gender Stereotypes

Thinking about Hate

TV Dads: Immature and Irresponsible?

Unpacking Privilege