Outcome Chart - Manitoba - Aboriginal Languages and Studies 7-8

GLO 3: Language Use in Context

Overall Expectations

3.3.3 Safety and Well-Being

Specific Expectations

3.3.3: A-8

research and discuss ways to access valid health information and health-promoting products and services in the community

3.3.3: C-8

explain safety rules, routines, and procedures related to a specific activity

3.3.3: D-8

discuss scenarios and outline strategies for avoiding situations that could lead to conflict and violence

3.3.3: E-8

outline safety guidelines to protect self and others from harmful situations

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GLO 4: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Overall Expectations

4.3.2 Intercultural Perspectives and Skills

Specific Expectations

4.3.2: B-8

discuss different perspectives on diverse elements of Aboriginal cultures, and speculate on their origins (e.g., stereotypes within cultures

4.3.2: D-8

identify the limitations of adopting a single perspective (e.g., on objects, persons, experiences, events), and discuss the value of diverse perspectives

4.3.2: E-8

describe the impact of discriminatory attitudes and practices (e.g., racism, prejudice, stereotyping) on quality of life

4.3.2: F-8

describe influences (e.g., culture, time, place, cross-cultural interactions, media, governance) that create differences in world views

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