Outcome Chart - Manitoba - Aboriginal Languages and Studies 11-12

GLO 3: Language Use in Context

Overall Expectations

3.3.3 Safety and Well-Being

Specific Expectations

3.3.3: A-12

identify helpers and community resources for addressing problems associated with safety and well-being

3.3.3: E-12

analyze issues related to violence in a variety of contexts (e.g., home, school, community, media, sports, relationships)

3.3.3: F-12

demonstrate understanding of the skills (e.g., problem solving, anger management, communication, conflict resolution, assertiveness) used in dealing with scenarios related to physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive situations

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GLO 4: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Overall Expectations

4.3.2 Intercultural Perspectives and Skills

Specific Expectations

4.3.2: C-12

assess the authenticity of media portrayals of Aboriginal people

4.3.2: D-12

demonstrate understanding of the effects of racism and discrimination on an individual’s ability to be successful in a chosen field

4.3.2: E-12

give examples of ways in which stereotypes pertaining to Aboriginal peoples have been created and perpetuated

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