The Ontario mathematics curriculum includes expectations that incorporate media education themes. The grade curriculum document Mathematics (2007) includes a section that explains how mathematical concepts such as probability can be applied to media criticism:

Mathematical knowledge becomes meaningful and powerful in application. This curriculum embeds the learning of mathematics in the solving of problems based on real-life situations. Other disciplines are a ready source of effective contexts for the study of mathematics. Rich problem-solving situations can be drawn from related disciplines, such as computer science, business, recreation, tourism, biology, physics, and technology, as well as from subjects historically thought of as distant from mathematics, such as geography and art. It is important that these links between disciplines be carefully explored, analysed, and discussed to emphasize for students the pervasiveness of mathematical concepts and mathematical thinking in all subject areas.

On the sidebar you will find outcome charts containing media-related learning expectations from the mathematics curriculum, with links to supporting resources on the MediaSmarts site. As many of our lessons can be adapted to suit different grade levels and abilities, specific lessons may be listed for more than one grade. Teachers should also note that individual lessons often satisfy a number of expectations.