Outcome Chart - Alberta - COM3005: Creative Writing

COM3005: Creative Writing

1. identify the different genres of media production; i.e., character development, film pre-visualization, product or service promotion, animation and interactive gaming

1.1 identify the elements of a written composition in each genre; e.g., written description, plot summary, concept development, structure, logic and sequence development

1.2 compare the writing requirements for each genre of media production; e.g., narrative point of view, fact, fiction

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2. examine the elements of a written composition in each of the different genres of media production

2.1 describe character development, including:

2.1.1 the character’s background

2.1.2 the character’s personal history and nuances

2.1.3 the character’s appearance, features and traits

2.1.4 the character’s motivation

2.2 describe film pre-visualization, including:

2.2.1 a list of characters involved

2.2.2 a detailed description of at least five scenes

2.2.3 the primary props

2.2.4 the interaction between characters and the scenes in which the action takes place

2.2.5 the appearance of characters; e.g., costumes, time, style

2.3 describe product or service promotion, including:

2.3.1 a description of the concept to promote a product or service

2.3.2 copy used in various media; e.g., brochure, commercial, magazine advertisement

2.4 describe animation, including:

2.4.1 the style and concept for animation

2.4.2 a description of plot summary or primary events

2.4.3 a description of each of the main characters involved in the animation

2.4.4 a detailed description of the scenes or locations involved

2.5 describe interactive gaming, including:

2.5.1 a description of each of the main characters involved in the game

2.5.2 a description of the logic and sequence in the primary plot story

2.5.3 a list of possible outcomes in following each of the paths; e.g., critical path

2.5.4 a detailed description of the scenes or locations involved

2.5.5 the game’s narrative, dialogue, commentary, cutscene narrative, rules and hint system

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3. produce a written composition in a minimum of two separate genres

3.1 identify key tasks and time frames for each step to be completed; e.g., creation of a concept board will be completed prior to a rough draft

3.2 use the proper written language conventions; e.g., grammar, sentence structure, spelling

3.3 create a storyboard or equivalent representation of the pre-planning process for each genre selected

3.4 plan and organize each composition in a sequential, logical manner

3.5 produce a rough draft of each composition for formative assessment; e.g., teacher review, peer review

3.6 manage each project to completion; e.g., time, resources, files, equipment

3.7 present the finished, revised written compositions

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4. identify copyright restrictions and permissions and put them into practice

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