Outcome Chart - Alberta - COM3155: Design – Advertising Campaigns

COM3155: Design – Advertising Campaigns

1. develop a strategy for an advertising campaign to promote a product, using two or more types of media

1.1 identify a product and/or client (e.g., personal grooming product/producer) and create a brief and/or client parameters (e.g., cost, time line, print, audio, video)

1.2 understand the product and what makes it unique and valuable by:

1.2.1 learning about the product; e.g., history, background, environmental impact, use, key features

1.2.2 studying the competition

1.2.3 translating features into benefits

1.3 understand consumer behaviour by:

1.3.1 identifying consumer needs

1.3.2 conducting and applying research

1.4 analyze the marketplace for the product

1.5 identify and critique various types of advertising strategies using examples

1.6 explain the difference between product-oriented and consumer-oriented strategies

1.7 write the campaign strategy, including the following:

1.7.1 set an objective

1.7.2 propose appropriate media to convey consistent messages, justifying the selection based on the appropriateness of the media to the task; e.g., print, Web, billboard, television, radio

1.7.3 identify the target audience and the general characteristics

1.7.4 identify preferred media and justify the selection

1.7.5 consider campaign resource requirements; e.g., equipment, facility, personnel, applications

1.8 assess the strategy based on client parameters

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2. design a message to be communicated to a target audience as outlined in the strategy

2.1 devise message(s) appropriate to using a combination of two or more media

2.2 devise a plan for delivering a message, using a combination of at least two different media, including:

2.2.1 the statement of the message to be delivered and working title

2.2.2 a time line with key delivery dates, including interim review and critique and final presentation

2.2.3 a professional copy should be written to meet accepted industry standards

2.2.4 storyboards illustrating connections and consistency

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3. produce and present the message, using two or more media linked through technology

3.1 produce messages following a plan, modifying the plan as required

3.2 make use of technological advances in media production; e.g., program integration

3.3 combine media in a visually appealing composition and effective manner, where applicable

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4. identify copyright restrictions and permissions and put them into practice

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