Outcome Chart - Alberta - COM2125: AV Postproduction

COM2125: AV Postproduction

1. apply postproduction techniques to complete an audio and/or a video project according to a production plan

1.1 produce an audio and/or video project, using prepared production plans and storyboards

1.2 identify and employ appropriate use of file formats

1.3 investigate and explain emerging editing technologies and recording and editing methods

1.4 import audio and/or video

1.5 edit, manipulate and arrange imported audio and/or video in a time line

1.6 use audio and/or video effects to enhance the final production

1.7 show responsibility for assigned role(s) during postproduction

1.8 operate audio and/or video editing equipment in a safe and responsible manner

1.9 use correct terminology in describing equipment, techniques, processes and procedures

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2. identify copyright restrictions and permissions and put them into practice

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3. present the final work completed in this course to an audience; e.g., production plan, shot list or storyboard, edited project

3.1 discuss work regarding:

3.1.1 how the elements and principles of design help facilitate good composition in his or her work

3.1.2 the technical and creative aspects of the work; e.g., quality, uniqueness

3.1.3 areas of concern/difficulty (if applicable)

3.1.4 the use of tools and equipment

3.1.5 the relationship of the production plan to the final product

3.1.6 the quality of completed project

3.1.7 meeting school and community standards; e.g., appropriate language

3.2 participate in peer/teacher assessment

3.3 add the selected work to a portfolio

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6. identify possible life roles related to the skills and content of this cluster

6.1 recognize and then analyze the opportunities and barriers in the immediate environment

6.2 identify potential resources to minimize barriers and maximize opportunities

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