Outcome Chart - Nova Scotia - Healthy Living Grade 7

Overall Expectations

Students will be expected to

A. demonstrate positive self-identity that effectively enables them to manage their health, relationships, and interactions with the world

B. think critically and make informed decisions to enhance health of self, those around oneself, and within a global context

C. demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills that facilitate positive relationships between themselves and the world

Specific Expectations

Students will:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the aesthetic and ability factors that can influence one’s body image and how it can affect participation in physical activity
  • examine influences that impact one’s decision-making abilities about alcohol use
  • demonstrate an understanding of the risks associated with gambling, including no pay gambling sites and identify signs of concern among youth
  • differentiate between sexual orientation and gender identity
  • identify ways of maintaining sexual health
  • apply a series of decision-making steps to potential situations involving risk, including sexual
  • decision making and decision making in relation to the use of alcohol
  • demonstrate an understanding that mental health is an integral component of health, that there is no shame in expressing a need for mental health support, and to recognize safe people in their lives whom they can trust to help them
  • describe different types of interpersonal relationships, the importance of respectful and non-violent relationships and examine the positive and negative reasons for starting and ending relationships
  • demonstrate an understanding that communities have resources that youth can access for help for a variety of health issues
  • recognize there are potential harms arising from use of alcohol, caffeine, and gambling along a continuum of use
  • analyze positive and negative outcomes of social networking and use of mobile devices

Lessons that meet Grade 7 expectations

Educational Games