Lesson Plan

Facing TV Violence: Counting & Discussing Violence on the Screen - Lesson

Lesson Plan

Level: Grades 1 to 4

Author: MediaSmarts

We would like to thank Dr. Gloria DeGaetano for allowing us to adapt this lesson from Screen Smarts: A Family Guide To Media Literacy.


This lesson helps children become aware of the types of violence that appear on television, the frequency with which these acts occur, and how they respond to these acts. It begins with a guided discussion about the different types of violence and then, how violence is portrayed on TV. Using worksheets, students then survey the television shows they enjoy for acts of violence and then, as a class, compile and discuss their findings.

Learning Outcomes

Students demonstrate:

  • an awareness of the different types of violence in children’s television programs.
  • an awareness of the frequency of violent acts in children’s television programs.
  • an understanding of their own reactions to various types of violence.

This lesson and all associated documents (handouts, overheads, backgrounders) are available in an easy-print, pdf kit version.

Lesson Kit: