Outcome Chart - Nova Scotia - English Language Arts Grade 1

Overall Expectations

Students will speak and listen to explore, clarify, extend, and reflect on their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and experiences.

Students will be able to communicate information and ideas effectively and clearly, and to respond personally and critically.

Students will be expected to select, read, and view with understanding a range of literature, information, media, and visual texts.

Students will be expected to interpret, select, and combine information using a variety of strategies, resources, and technologies.

Students will be expected to respond personally to a range of texts.

Students will be expected to respond critically to a range of texts, applying their knowledge of language, form, and genre.

Specific Expectations

Students will:

  • engage in research process with assistance
  • generate questions to guide research
  • locate appropriate information with assistance (classroom, library, home, community)
  • interact with the information
  • make personal connections to text and share their responses in a variety of ways
  • express and begin to support opinions about texts and the work of authors and illustrators
  • use their experiences with a range of texts to identify some different types of print and media texts, recognizing some of their language conventions and text characteristics
  • select, organize, and combine, with assistance, relevant information to construct and communicate meaning
  • interact with resources (print, non-print, or human) to answer their own questions or learning needs
  • with assistance, develop strategies for making and organizing notes
  • create a new product
  • share their information in a variety of simple ways


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