Outcome Chart – Northwest Territories – Social Studies 7-9

The Circumpolar World

Overall Expectations:

Related Questions:

  • What technological changes have had the greatest impact on human societies in the circumpolar world, and what are these impacts?
  • How have technological and economic changes affected social structures and the exercise of political power in the circumpolar world?

Specific Expectations:

Students will be able to do the following:

Processing skills:

  • Acquire information to find answers through listening, observing, reading and utilizing community resources
  • Seek and work with information from more than one source
  • Draw maps that reflect an understanding of the circumpolar world

Communication skills:

  • Document sources of information
  • Present information from maps, demonstrating the use of symbols, location, direction, distance, scale and physical geography

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The Changing World

Overall Expectations:

Related questions:

  • What have been the relative roles of science and religion in human affairs throughout human history?
  • What are the consequences to modern human life of radio, television, telecommunications, computers, airplanes?
  • In general, what are some of the effects of rapid social change on individuals? On family life?

Issues for inquiry:

  • Should new technologies and practices be tolerated when they damage the physical environment?

Major understandings:

  • A revolution in the fields of transportation and communication is having a major impact on modern societies, turning the world into a “global village.”

Specific Expectations:

Common learning experiences:

  • Regularly use newspapers, radio and television to keep track of continuing changes throughout the world
  • Examine and analyze how a social change has impacted a group of people
  • Participate in a debate on a modern social or ethical issue, arguing opposite sides of the issue on different occasions
  • Develop and pursue a decision-making strategy to make a tentative decision about a topical social or ethical issue


  • Identify possible sources and locations of information (print and non-print as well as knowledgeable individuals)
  • Distinguish between well-founded and ill-founded opinions
  • Identify fact, opinion, bias and propaganda
  • Identify the purpose, message and intended audience of visual communications

Essential knowledge:

  • The role that science plays in shaping modern societies
  • The role that transportation and communication technologies play in shaping modern societies

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