Social Studies

Media components are included in the Northwest Territories Social Studies curriculum in the Managing Information and Ideas strand. The document Social Studies in the Northwest Territories – A Kindergarten to Grade 4 Overview includes the following among key social studies skills:

  • engage in disciplined inquiry, applying research skills, critical thinking, and decision making
  • think historically and geographically
  • critically analyze and research social issues, including controversial issues
  • work collaboratively and effectively with others
  • solve problems and address conflicts in creative, ethical, and non-violent ways
  • develop openness to new ideas and think beyond the limits of conventional wisdom
  • apply effective communication skills and enhance media literacy."

Click on a grade level under Social Studies for a list of media-related outcomes and links to supporting resources from the MediaSmarts site. (Note: as many of our lessons can be adapted to suit different grade levels, specific lessons may be listed for more than one grade. Teachers should also note that individual lessons often satisfy a number of learning outcomes.)