Outcome Chart - New Brunswick - Goals, Growth and Grit: Skills for Success 120 (Grade 9)

Goals, Growth, and Grit: Skills for Success 120 will provide students with skills in three main areas - positive and productive mindsets and behaviours, organizational patterns, as well as functional and critical literacy. Within the broad learning expectations of the course, specific success skills, strategies, and practices will be explored. Students will be supported to apply and transfer these skills, strategies, and practices to other courses and real-life situations. Students will learn how these support postgraduate pursuits


Students will improve communication and reading competence with texts for educational and non-educational settings.

SCO 3.3 examine, critically, oral, visual, written and multimedia texts

  • Identify bias, tone, audience and purpose in texts
  • Recognize texts as interpretations of information
  • Distinguish between what a text says, does and means.
  • Evaluate techniques (e.g., camera angles, omissions of information, word choice) used to impact audience and achieve purpose.
  • Examine a variety of texts considering purpose and audience.

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