Outcome Chart - Newfoundland and Labrador - Literacy 1204

Overall Expectations

Students will be expected to:

  • interpret and understand information
  • use inquiry to think critically about information
  • communicate effectively
  • create information

Specific Expectations

Students will be expected to:

  • acquire information about a specific topic or subject
  • make connections to information
  • demonstrate an understanding that different types  of communication have distinctive purposes and intended audiences
  • construct meaning from texts based on text features, conventions and structures
  • establish topics of interest and questions for inquiry
  • develop a plan to find information about identified topics and answers to inquiry questions
  • compare related ideas
  • recognize the need to question information
  • explain personal opinions about information
  • demonstrate a willingness to hear others’ ideas and perspectives
  • demonstrate empathy, compassion and encouragement to others
  • consider the implications of their modes of communication
  • create products to communicate and advocate personal ideas

Lessons that meet 1204 expectations

Cyberbullying and the Law

Diversity and Media Ownership

Finding and Authenticating Online Information on Global Development Issues

Gambling in the Media

Hate 2.0

Hate or Debate

ICYouSee: A Lesson in Critical Thinking

I heard it ‘round the Internet: Sexual health education and authenticating online information

Individuality vs. Conformity

Marketing to Teens: Talking Back

News Journalism Across the Media: Summative Activities

Selling Tobacco

Scapegoating and Othering

Shaking the Movers: Youth Rights and Media

Taming the Wild Wiki

Television News

The Citizen Reporter

The Impact of Gender Stereotypes

Thinking about Hate

Video Games

Violence on Film: The Ratings Game

Who’s Telling My Story?