Outcome Chart - Newfoundland and Labrador - Literacy 1204

Overall Expectations

Students will be expected to:

  • interpret and understand information
  • use inquiry to think critically about information
  • Effectively use oral communication.
  • create information

Specific Expectations

Students will be expected to:

  • acquire information about a specific topic or subject
  • make connections to information
  • understand that different texts have distinctive purposes and audiences
  • construct meaning from texts based on text features, conventions and structures
  • establish topics of interest and questions for inquiry
  • develop a plan to find topic information and answers to inquiry questions
  • compare related ideas
  • recognize the need to question information
  • express ideas appropriately in a variety of situations
  • demonstrate a willingness to hear others’ ideas and perspectives
  • express ideas clearly
  • justify reasoning for personal opinions
  • use active listening to recognize others’ ideas and perspectives
  • demonstrate empathy, compassion and encouragement to others
  • consider the implications of their modes of communication
  • create a variety of texts collaboratively and independently
  • create texts that meet specific purposes

Lessons that meet 1204 expectations