Outcome Chart - Saskatchewan - Computer Science 20 (Grade 10)

Computing and Society

CS20-CS1 Explore the underlying technology of computing devices and the Internet, and their impacts on society.

  • a. Investigate how computing devices function and how the Internet allows connected devices to communicate.
  • b. Research the history of computing devices and the Internet, including key milestones and contributors
  • f. Explore the societal impacts of ubiquitous Internet access, cloud computing and connected devices.
  • h. Discuss limitations of current technologies and predict possible directions of future technologies.
  • i. Explore the interactions between humans and computing devices

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CS20-CS2 Investigate the impacts of information technologies on privacy, including digital security practices.

  • a. Describe legal and ethical issues related to the use of computing devices (e.g., social media, advertising, encryption, malicious software and social engineering).
  • b.  Explore how issues related to personal rights and privacy such as identity theft, data collection, permanence of information on the Internet and surveillance are affected by technologies
  • c. Identify the role of different layers (e.g., network, operating system, applications and data) of digital security, including the responsibility of users.
  • d. Discuss the benefits and limitations of user authentication techniques to prevent or allow access to resources.
  • e. Research data encryption techniques used for storage and transmission.
  • f. Explore the role of personal responsibility in the context of access and use of confidential information, including intellectual property rights and plagiarism.

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Career Exploration

CS20-CE1 Explore computer science related career paths in Saskatchewan, Canada and the world.

  • b. Research which programming languages are prominent in specific computer science sub-fields such as game, website and mobile development.
  • d. Inquire into issues of gender equity and diversity in the computer science workplace, considering questions such as “Why are females and certain cultural groups typically underrepresented in the computer science workplace in Saskatchewan?” and “What steps could be taken to encourage more females to pursue computer science related careers?”

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Student-Directed Research

CS20-SD1 Develop a coding project and/or research a topic related to computer science of the student’s choice.

  • f. Inquire into the current state and/or societal implications of a current trend in computing such as hacking, artificial intelligence, robotics, microcontrollers, game design, cryptography, mobile development or intellectual property

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