Outcome Chart - Ontario - Foundations for College Mathematics 12 MAP4C

Data Management

Overall Expectations

Students will:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the applications of data management used by the media and the advertising industry and in various occupations.

Specific Expectations

Students will:

  • interpret statistics presented in the media (e.g., the UN’s finding that 2% of the world’s population has more than half the world’s wealth, whereas half the world’s population has only 1% of the world’s wealth), and explain how the media, the advertising industry, and others (e.g., marketers, pollsters) use and misuse statistics (e.g., as represented in graphs) to promote a certain point of view (e.g., by making a general statement based on a weak correlation or an assumed cause and-effect relationship; by starting the vertical scale on a graph at a value other than zero; by making statements using general population statistics without reference to data specific to minority groups)
  • assess the validity of conclusions presented in the media by examining sources of data, including Internet sources (i.e., to determine whether they are authoritative, reliable, unbiased, and current), methods of data collection, and possible sources of bias (e.g., sampling bias, non-response bias, a bias in a survey question), and by questioning the analysis of the data (e.g., whether there is any indication of the sample size in the analysis) and conclusions drawn from the data (e.g., whether any assumptions are made about cause and effect)

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