Outcome Chart - Newfoundland and Labrador - Consumer Studies 1202


Overall Expectations

Knowledge Objectives

Specific Expectations

The student should:

know the general features of a market economy, including the role of consumer, business, and government

know of standards of quality, sources of product information, laws, and agencies that protect consumers

understand the rights and responsibilities of consumers

understand the rights and responsibilities of business organizations

MediaSmarts Resources

Marketing to Teens: Talking Back

MyWorld (licensed resource)

Online Marketing to Kids: Protecting Your Privacy

Playing With Privacy

Privacy and Internet Life: Lesson Plan for Intermediate Classrooms

Selling Tobacco

Television Broadcast Ratings

Tobacco Labels

Violence on Film: The Ratings Game

What Students Need to Know about Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

Who Knows? Your Privacy in the Information Age

Overall Expectations

Skills Objectives

Specific Expectations

1. exercise reason and critical thinking in making consumer decisions

2. locate, gather, and compile information relevant to consumer affairs through listening, reading, viewing, interviewing, and research

3. interpret information and research data and relate them to consumer problems and decisions

4. translate the technical jargon used by manufacturers, retailers, and advertisers

5. use various group learning and decision-making processes such as small discussion groups, debates, simulations, and role-playing

6. make wise decision in the purchase of food, clothing, shelter, transportation, health care, entertainment, credit, insurance, and investments

7. manage personal resources through budgeting, saving, using credit, buying insurance, investing, tax planning, and providing financial security for the future.

8. exercise consumer rights through the use of the law and various consumer agencies

9. recognize, analyze, and take a position on issues significant to consumers.

MediaSmarts Resources

Alcohol Myths

Buy Nothing Day

Gender and Tobacco

Gender Messages in Alcohol Advertising

Marketing to Teens: Alternate Ads

Marketing to Teens: Gender Roles in Advertising

Marketing to Teens: Gotta Have It! Designer & Brand Names

Marketing to Teens: Marketing Tactics

Online Marketing to Kids: Strategies and Techniques

Playing With Privacy

Selling Obesity

Selling Tobacco

Sports Personalities in Magazine Advertising

The Price of Happiness

Thinking Like a Citizen

Thinking Like a Tobacco Company

Tobacco Labels

Truth or Money

Watching the Elections

Who’s on First? Alcohol Advertising and Sports