Outcome Chart - Nova Scotia - Information and Communication Technology Integration 10-12

Specific Expectations

Students will:

  • use a wide variety of technology, demonstrate a clear understanding of technological applications, and consistently apply appropriate technology to solve curriculum problems
  • take personal responsibility for their safe and ergonomic use of technology for learning
  • behave ethically and with accuracy as they generate and distribute information about themselves, others, and curriculum topics under study
  • articulate an informed and critical understanding of mass media, popular culture and electronic information environments; their techniques; and the effects of those techniques
  • critically analyze the impacts of evolving technologies on themselves, societies, and the environment
  • demonstrate habits of perception, analysis, judgment and selectivity as they contribute to society through the discerning and critical use and creation of information resources and technology
  • act responsibly when faced with ethical issues that arise from their use of information and ICT and perspectives
  • use language, in a range of aural, print, media and electronic forms to explore and express their perceptions, feelings, ideas and attitudes; refine their thinking; and interact, negotiate, and collaborate with others in order to build their understanding
  • critically apply technological skills in a range of electronic, visual, and print media for formal and informal communication
  • discover, share and reflect upon their own and others’ cultures, values, and understandings as they are expressed in electronic and other formats
  • identify, evaluate, and compare the quality, congruencies, discrepancies, omissions, biases, and perspectives of information content of print, media, and electronic resources
  • identify the strengths and limitations of different approaches to research, and select those approaches which efficiently meet their learning needs
  • accurately record and cite, using academically accepted formats and standards, sources of information contributing to their research

Lessons that meet Grade 10-12 expectations