Outcome Chart - Nova Scotia - Information and Communication Technology 3

Digital Citizenship

Outcome 1: Students will be expected to demonstrate safe routines for using ICT responsibly, ensuring their own and others’ health and safety

Outcome 2: Students will be expected to use information and communication technology appropriately and responsibly, with teacher assistance, to address opportunities for the development of active local and global citizenship.

Outcome 3: Students will be expected to articulate the need to take care in providing personal information online, and share personal information only with teacher approval.

Outcome 4: Students will be expected to use the intellectual property of others and write simple citations for works used.

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Outcome 5: Students will be expected to select and use, with teacher support, grade-appropriate digital tools to develop and represent learning for various purposes, both individually and collaboratively.

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Outcome 6: Students will be expected to use identified ICT environments to share and exchange information and collaborate with others for a variety of purposes.

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Research, Innovation, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

Outcome 7: Students will be expected to demonstrate how to locate specific information, images, or other digital media.

Outcome 8: Students will be expected to create and analyze electronic charts, maps, and graphs to predict patterns and relationships in information and to support decision making.

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Technology Operations and Concepts

Outcome 9: Students will be expected to

  • use grade-appropriate ICT terminology
  • safely operate computers and digital devices

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