Secondary Cycle Two

In the secondary English Language Arts curriculum for Cycle Two (years 10, 11), media is most represented under Competency 2: Represents her/his literacy in different media

At this level, specific spoken, written and media texts are studied as genres (such as word, sound and image), where students learn not only the mode, codes and conventions of specific genres, but also the inherent social messages and meanings they carry. Cycle Two English Language Arts also promotes the reading and the production of “multigenre” texts that combine two or more genres into a single text.

As the main focus of Cycle Two English Language Arts is literacy, at this level there is also an emphasis on production – helping students appreciate the importance of selecting the genre and mode that is best suited to the demands of a specific context.

For a more complete description of this competency and End-of-Cycle-Outcomes for Cycle Two, see pages 38-52 of Secondary English Language Arts, Cycle Two (PDF).

Last updated June 2021.