Elementary Cycle Two

In the Quebec elementary English Language Arts curriculum, representing literacy in different media is a core competency. According to the End-of-Cycle-Outcomes for Cycle Two,

The student uses her/his growing repertoire of response strategies by making predictions, asking questions and returning to the text in order to clarify meaning, to unlock the meaning(s)/message(s) of familiar, age-appropriate media texts. With her/his teacher acting as a support and guide to build on and extend the student’s previous experience with the media, s/he has had repeated opportunities to follow a process when responding to the media during whole class and small group discussions and when producing media texts. S/he produced a range of media texts collaboratively with peers, in a supportive and risk-taking environment, for a familiar audience and a clear purpose, using mixed media. These texts reflect a tentative understanding of familiar structures and features of media texts. Ongoing assessment and evaluation of the student’s development is based on a collection of her/his productions over time rather than on one or two pieces of information. In conferences with the teacher to review her/his integrated ELA portfolio, that includes her/his (media) productions, the student begins to actively participate by talking about her/his own reading (i.e. listening or viewing) and production strategies.

Québec Education Program

Preschool and Elementary Education, 2001