Elementary Cycle Three

In the Quebec elementary English Language Arts curriculum, representing literacy in different media is a core competency. According to the End-of-Cycle-Outcomes for Cycle Three,

The student frequently relies upon her/his understanding of the structure and features of her/his growing repertoire of media texts to unlock their message(s)/meaning(s) and begins to question and explore how they help shape meaning. Her/his teacher continues to act as a support and guide to build on and extend the student’s previous experience with the media. In discussions with peers, the student demonstrates an understanding that a media text can contain more than one meaning/message. S/he also begins to see common characteristics between texts in the same medium. The student has had repeated opportunities to produce, in collaboration with peers and for a wider audience of younger children, peers and trusted adults, a variety of media texts that entertain, inform and persuade using mixed media and multimedia resources. Ongoing assessment and evaluation of the student’s development is based on a collection of her/his productions over time rather than on one or two pieces of information. In conferences with the teacher, to review the (media) productions in her/his integrated ELA portfolio, the student demonstrates a conscious awareness of many of the strategies s/he uses to read and produce narrative, popular and information-based texts aimed at children.

Québec Education Program
Preschool and Elementary Education, 2001