Outcome Chart - New Brunswick - World Issues 120 (Grade 9)


Students will examine the unity and diversity of the human experience

  • analyze factors that influence the distribution of wealth locally, nationally and internationally
  • investigate different conceptions of quality of life including conceptions beyond those measured by economic success
  • demonstrate cross-cultural understanding of identity, diversity and unity

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Students will examine their own place within the interdependent systems that link humans to each other and to the natural world.

  • 2.1 analyze issues resulting from interactions among individuals, groups and societies
  • 2.2 analyze actions that support peace and sustainability
  • 2.3 demonstrate personal and social responsibility for a peaceful and sustainable world

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Students will examine the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and the role of governance institutions at the local, national, and global levels.

  • 3.3 evaluate causes, consequences, and solutions to violations of a group or individual’s human rights
  • 3.4 assess social justice initiatives, demonstrating responsible citizenship, from various institutions and agencies including governments, NGOs, and individuals

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