Career-Life Connections 10-12

Curricular Competencies

Students are expected to be able to do the following:


  • Recognize personal worldviews and perspectives, and consider their influence on values, actions, and preferred futures
  • Explore and evaluate personal strategies, including social, physical, and financial, to maintain well-being


  • Engage with personal, education, and employment networks to cultivate post-graduation resources and social capital
  • Create and critique personal and public profiles for self-advocacy and marketing purposes
  • Demonstrate and reflect on inclusive, respectful, and safe interactions in multiple career-life contexts

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Students are expected to know the following:

Personal career-life development

  • competencies of the educated citizen
  • factors that shape personal identity and inform career-life choices
  • strategies for personal well-being and work-life balance
  • employment marketing strategies

Connections with community

  • social capital and transferrable skills, including intercultural, leadership, and collaboration skills
  • career-life exploration
  • ways to represent themselves, including consideration of personal and public profiles, digital literacy, and citizenship

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