Resources for Teachers - Body Image

Representing Ourselves Online

In this lesson, students talk about dressing up and taking on identities that are similar to or different from them. They are then introduced to the idea of avatars as a kind of “dressing up” inside video games and consider the ways in which the technical, generic and aesthetic limitations on avatar creation and customization affect their choices and their ability to represent themselves online.

Advertising and Male Violence

To make students aware of the ways in which male violence is used and promoted in advertising.

The Anatomy of Cool - Lesson

This lesson helps students become more aware of the media's role in determining what, and who, are perceived as being cool.

Image Gap - Lesson

This lesson helps students understand how self-image can influence lifestyle choices.

The Price of Happiness - Lesson

In this lesson students answer a brief questionnaire related to self-image, self-esteem, and advertising, and then work as groups to create and act in mock television commercials that parody advertising techniques.