Outcome Chart - Saskatchewan - English Language Arts 1

This outcome chart contains media-related learning outcomes from the Saskatchewan, Grade 1 English Language Arts curriculum, with links to supporting resources on the MediaSmarts site.

In the elementary curriculum in Saskatchewan, learning objectives for media studies are included as a category within the supporting domain, Oracy and Literacy: Media. Media-related objectives can also be found within Speaking and Listening, Reading and Response to Literature, Writing, Educational Drama, Research and Presentation and Computer Applications.

Comprehend and Respond

Overall Expectations

Comprehend and respond to a variety of grade-level texts (including contemporary and traditional visual, oral, written, and multimedia) that address:

  • identity (e.g., All About Me)
  • community (e.g., Friends and Family)
  • social responsibility (e.g., Conservation) and relate to own feelings, ideas, and experiences.

View and comprehend the explicit messages, feelings, and features in a variety of visual and multimedia texts (including pictures, photographs, simple graphs, diagrams, pictographs, icons, and illustrations).

Specific Expectations

  • View, listen to, read, and respond to a variety of texts including First Nations and Métis resources that present different viewpoints and perspectives on issues related to identity, community, and social responsibility.
  • Make and share connections among texts, prior knowledge, and personal experiences (e.g., family traditions).
  • Identify and locate the key information in pictures, charts, and other visual forms (e.g., photographs, physical movement, icons) including traditional and contemporary First Nations and Métis resources and performances.
  • Select and use the appropriate before, during, and after strategies when viewing.
  • Use applicable pragmatic, textual, syntactic, semantic/lexical/ morphological, graphophonic, and other communication cues and conventions to construct and communicate meaning when viewing.
  • Distinguish between daily life and life depicted in television shows, cartoons, and films.
  • View and demonstrate understanding that visual texts are sources of information including ideas and information about First Nations, Métis, Inuit peoples, and other cultures.


Educational Games