Outcome Chart - Prince Edward Island - Communication and Information Technology Grade 4

In the working guide Journey On: Working Toward Communication and Information Technology Literacy, media-related outcomes are integrated throughout the CIT curriculum.

Computer Systems

B1.1 login, open and close a program, open, save and close a file with mouse

B1.2 demonstrate proper use of login numbers and names, setup and change passwords, and be aware of implications of multiple logins

C1.1 identify technology that is found in everyday life


B1.13 identify computer viruses, how they are transmitted and how anti-virus software is used to protect or clean a computer

B1.14 identify spam, popup ads, spyware and other invasive software coding

Social, Ethical and Health

E2.3 adhere to acceptable use greement for work station/
network/ Internet

E2.4 use electronic communication etiquette

E2.7 identify ethical issues involved with Internet content, awareness of inappropriate use of technology


E2.8 demonstrate caution before sending personal information over the Internet


Educational Games


A3.1 demonstrate awareness of the Internet as a source of information

A3.2 use various tools (search engines and directories) and strategies necessary to carry out research


B3.1 Use the various browser navigation tools


E3.1 critically evaluate information and its source based on pre-determined criteria



A9.1 use an existing database to find information

A9.2 perform searches on a database file using logical and Boolean operators



B10.1 send messages

B10.2 open messages