Outcome Chart - Nova Scotia - Film and Video Production Grade 12

Film and Video Production 12

Overall Expectations

Students will:

  • demonstrate a basic understanding of key aspects of film and television drama including roles and responsibilities of production team members
  • develop basic strategies for creating and critically reviewing films
  • examine cultural/historical influences on the local and national film industries, consider career opportunities, and collaborate with industry personnel
  • demonstrate their abilities, skills, and techniques in every aspect of the development of their own short films

Specific Expectations

Students will:

  • describe the film process from pre-production, through production, to post-production
  • identify the roles and responsibilities of each member of the production team
  • demonstrate an understanding of the support that each production element lends to the entire creative endeavour
  • demonstrate an understanding of and ability to use basic screen production terminology
  • identify key elements of story as expressed in film
  • identify all the production elements in a short movie that require attention from production team members
  • demonstrate basic technical abilities with camera, sound, lighting, and editing
  • participate in the process of writing and shooting a short movie
  • demonstrate an understanding of the operation of a video camera and anticipate and convey any technical difficulties
  • operate sound equipment and record sound scores for scenes
  • demonstrate a working knowledge of the editing process
  • demonstrate a critical awareness of the social/cultural impact of film and television on today’s society
  • demonstrate an understanding of the script-to-screen process from research to the final production
  • in their specific roles, manage logistical, creative, technical, and/or promotional aspects of a movie
  • demonstrate an understanding of story structure and the scriptwriting process
  • manage all logistical, creative, technical, and promotional aspects of the production of a film

Lessons that meet Grade 12 expectations

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