Outcome Chart - Newfoundland and Labrador - Consumer Studies 1202

Specific Expectations

The student should:

  • know of standards of quality, sources of product information, laws, and agencies that protect consumers
  • understand the rights and responsibilities of consumers
  • value good information and the role of critical thinking in consumer and business affairs
  • appreciate the consumer’s responsibility to act, either alone or with others, to improve what is wrong, whether a lack of courtesy, poor quality, or outright fraud
  • exercise reason and critical thinking in making consumer decisions
  • locate, gather, and compile information relevant to consumer affairs through listening, reading, viewing, interviewing, and research
  • interpret information and research data and relate them to consumer problems and decisions
  • translate the technical jargon used by manufacturers, retailers, and advertisers
  • exercise consumer rights through the use of the law and various consumer agencies
  • recognize, analyze, and take a position on issues significant to consumers.

Lessons that meet Intermediate expectations