Outcome Chart - Manitoba - Aboriginal Languages and Studies 11-12

GLO 3: Language Use in Context

Overall Expectations

3.3.3 Safety and Well-Being

Specific Expectations

3.3.3: A-12

identify helpers and community resources for addressing problems associated with safety and well-being

3.3.3: E-12

analyze issues related to violence in a variety of contexts (e.g., home, school, community, media, sports, relationships)

3.3.3: F-12

demonstrate understanding of the skills (e.g., problem solving, anger management, communication, conflict resolution, assertiveness) used in dealing with scenarios related to physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive situations

MediaSmarts Resources

Advertising and Male Violence

Challenging Hate Online

Cyberbullying and the Law

First, Do No Harm: Being an Active Witness to Cyberbullying

Online Cultures and Values

Online Propaganda and the Proliferation of Hate

Online Relationships: Respect and Consent

Secure Comics

Violence on Film: The Ratings Game

Violence on Television

GLO 4: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Overall Expectations

4.3.2 Intercultural Perspectives and Skills

Specific Expectations

4.3.2: C-12

assess the authenticity of media portrayals of Aboriginal people

4.3.2: D-12

demonstrate understanding of the effects of racism and discrimination on an individual’s ability to be successful in a chosen field

4.3.2: E-12

give examples of ways in which stereotypes pertaining to Aboriginal peoples have been created and perpetuated

MediaSmarts Resources

Diversity and Media Ownership

Fact Versus Opinion

First Person

Miscast and Seldom Seen

The Front Page

Who’s Telling My Story?