Outcome Chart - Ontario - Science 1W

STEM Investigation Skills

Overall Expectations:

  • A1. STEM Investigation Skills: apply scientific processes and an engineering design process in their investigations to develop a conceptual understanding of the science they are learning, and apply coding skills to model scientific concepts and relationships
  • A2. Applications, Careers, and Connections: analyse how scientific concepts and processes can be applied in practical ways to address real-world issues and in various careers, and describe contributions to science from people with diverse lived experience

Specific Expectations:

  • A1.1 apply a scientific research process and associated skills to conduct investigations, making connections between their research and the scientific concepts they are learning
  • A2.3 analyse how the development and application of science is economically, culturally, and socially contextualized, by investigating real-world issues
  • A2.4 apply scientific literacy skills when investigating social and environmental issues that have personal, local, and/or global impacts

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