Outcome Chart - Ontario - Science 10 Academic (SNC2D)

Scientific Investigation Skills and Career Exploration

Overall Expectations:

a1. demonstrate scientific investigation skills (related to both inquiry and research) in the four areas of skills (initiating and planning, performing and recording, analysing and interpreting, and communicating)

Specific Expectations:

a1.1 formulate scientific questions about observed relationships, ideas, problems, and/or issues, make predictions, and/or formulate hypotheses to focus inquiries or research

a1.3 identify and locate print, electronic, and human sources that are relevant to research questions

a1.7  select, organize, and record relevant information on research topics from various sources, including electronic, print, and/or human sources (e.g., websites for public health organizations, federal and provincial government publications, reference books, personal interviews), using recommended formats and an accepted form of academic documentation

a1.9 analyse the information gathered from research sources for reliability and bias

a1.10 draw conclusions based on inquiry results and research findings, and justify their conclusions

a1.11 communicate ideas, plans, procedures,  results, and conclusions orally, in writing, and/or  in electronic presentations, using appropriate language and a variety of formats (e.g., data tables, laboratory reports, presentations,  debates, simulations, models)

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