Outcome Chart – Nunavut - Social Studies 7

Strand: Nunavusiutit


A. Geography of the Circumpolar World    
B. Changes in the Circumpolar World    
C. Connections: Canada and the Circumpolar World
D. Current Events  

Overall Expectations:

Specific Expectations:

Skills: Processing Skills

1. identify and define topics
2. differentiate between main and supporting ideas
3. acquire information to find answers through listening, observing, reading and utilizing community resources
4. seek and work with information from more than one source
5. make notes (jottings, point form, webbing) that outline the main and related ideas from reading, listening and observing
6. categorize information
7. compare information about one topic from two or more sources to see if they are identical, similar, parallel or inconsistent, unrelated or contradictory
8. identify assumptions underlying various positions taken on an issue
9. distinguish between well founded and ill-founded opinions
10. venture predictions based on acquired information

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