Outcome Chart - Newfoundland and Labrador - Healthy Living 1200

Active Lifestyles

An Active Lifestyle and You

  • Identify challenges in leading an active lifestyle. (PE-GCO3, KSCO2; H-GCO3, KSCO1)
  • Demonstrate the ability to make informed decisions concerning fitness issues pertaining to self, others, and the environment. (H-GCO3, KSCO2)

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Technology, the Media and an Active Lifestyle

  • Critically analyse the media’s portrayal of fitness. (H-GCO9, KSCO1)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the impacts of technology on individual and societal activity in relation to fitness. (H-GCO9, KSCO2)
  • Recognize and analyse how technological innovations influence fitness. (H-GCO9, KSCO2)

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Healthy Eating

Technology, the Media and Healthy Eating

  • Critically analyse the media’s portrayal of food and of eating practices. (H-GCO9, KSCO1; FS:FN-GCO1, KSCO1)
  • Critically analyse how technological innovation influences eating practices. (H-GCO9, KSCO2; FS:FN-GCO1, KSCO6)

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Controlling Substances

Technology, the Media and Substances

  • Critically analyse the media’s portrayal of substance use/abuse. (H-GCO9, KSCO1)
  • Utilise information technology to access, present and communicate information on substance use/abuse. (H-GCO9, KSCO2)
  • Recognize and critically analyse the influence of technological innovation on substance use/abuse. (H-GCO9, KSCO2)

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Personal Dynamics

Personal Dynamics and You

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of communication, negotiation and conflict resolution skills in personal relationships. (H-GCO4, KSCO1; FS:HD-GCO1, KSCO5; PE-GCO2, KSCO5)
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the role of emotions on decision making. (H-GCO4, KSCO4; FS:HD-GCO2, KSCO2; PE-GCO6, KSCO3)
  • Identify and participate in activities that reduce stress, are financially viable, and enhance relationships. (H-GCO4, KSCO2; PE-GCO6, KSCO7)
  • Identify and use strategies to balance work, study and leisure time. (H-GCO4, KSCO2; FS:HD-GCO2, KSCO3)
  • Develop a personal action plan which addresses time management, finances and relationships. (H-GCO4, KSCO2; GCO8, KSCO1; FS:HDGCO2, KSCO5/FM-GCO2, KSCO4)

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Technology, the Media and Personal Dynamics

  • Critically analyse the impacts of technological innovations on time management, finances, and relationships. (H-GCO1, KSCO2)
  • Critically analyse the media’s portrayal of personal dynamics. (H-GCO9, KSCO1)

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