Newfoundland & Labrador - Health 1-3

Social and Emotional Health: Self-Awareness     

GCO 2 Identify and monitor one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviours.

2.3.1 Develop and use an emotion vocabulary

2.3.2 Recognize and accurately label one’s emotions

2.3.3 Recognize they can have more than one emotion at a time

2.3.4 Recognize factors that affect one’s emotions and thoughts

2.3.5 Recognize how emotions physically feel and present in one’s body

2.3.6 Understand that individuals experience a range of emotions and thoughts

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Social and Emotional Health: Self-Management

GCO 4 Regulate emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

4.3.1 Understand there are different motives for behaviour

4.3.2 Use reflection to identify one’s motivation for behaviour

4.3.3 Develop and use strategies to foster self-management

4.3.5 Recognize that thoughts and feelings can be communicated in different ways

4.3.6 Engage in using health promoting behaviours

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Social and Emotional Health: Social Awareness

GCO 6 Develop the ability to take the perspective of and empathize with others.

6.3.1 Recognize that others may have different viewpoints and experiences

6.3.2 Recognize that there is a diversity of feelings and responses to different viewpoints and experiences

6.3.3 Identify verbal, non-verbal, situational and cultural cues that indicate how others may feel

6.3.4 Develop relational skills to support another’s emotional experience

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GCO 8 Understand that social and ethical norms in home, school and community are relevant to culture.

8.3.4 Develop an awareness of the connection between rules and ethical norms

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Social and Emotional Health: Relationship Skills

GCO 9 Use relationship skills to interact with others in all environments.

9.3.2 Communicate emotions to others effectively

9.3.3 Respond to others’ verbal, non-verbal, situational and cultural cues

9.3.5 Identify and practice ways to work and play respectfully with others

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GCO 10 Demonstrate the ability to build, maintain and restore relationships.

10.3.1 Understand consent and the benefits of setting and communicating boundaries for one’s self and others

10.3.2 Develop skills to establish and maintain friendships

10.3.3 Recognize how friendships are influenced

10.3.4 Recognize that conflict is a natural occurrence and there are many ways to resolve it

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Social and Emotional Health: Responsible Decision-Making

GCO 11 Apply decision-making skills to decisions about personal behaviour and social interactions.

11.3.4 Understand societal expectations of personal behaviour and social interaction

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GCO 13 Evaluate consequences of decisions on the well-being of self and others.

13.3.1 Identify positive and negative risk behaviours

13.3.2 Understand that decisions have consequences

13.3.3 Understand that consequences affect self and others

13.3.4 Recognize potential influences on decision making

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Physical and Mental Health

GCO 15 Understand the role healthy eating plays in health and wellbeing.

15.3.2 Understand the guidance provided by Canada’s Food Guide for healthy eating patterns

15.3.3 Use tools and resources to access healthy eating choices

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