Wacky Media Songs: Media Health Lesson Plan

Level: Grade K to 3

About the author: Matthew Johnson, Director of Education, MediaSmarts

Duration: 10-15 minutes per activity

This lesson is part of USE, UNDERSTAND & ENGAGE: A Digital Media Literacy Framework for Canadian Schools.


This lesson series contains discussion topics and extension activities for teachers to integrate the TVOKids Original series Wacky Media Songs. This lesson focuses on analyzing media messages about health and diet; managing screen time and balancing students’ online and offline lives; managing online identity issues; dealing with issues relating to digital media, body image and sexuality; and understanding the differences between healthy and unhealthy online relationships.

Learning outcomes

Students will:

  • Understand that how we use digital tools is shaped by their design
  • Develop strategies for the healthful use of media and digital technology
  • Understand that media are constructions and have commercial considerations
  • Recognize ways in which media works may be designed to give a misleading view of reality
  • Understand that advertising uses manipulative techniques to persuade you

Preparation and materials

Lesson Kit