Outcome Chart - Manitoba - Science 5

Overall Skills and Attitudes


5-0-2a Access information using a variety of sources. Examples: libraries, magazines, community resource people, outdoor experiences, videos, CD-ROMs, Internet… GLO: C6 (ELA Grade 5, 3.2.3; Math: SP-II.3.1)

5-0-2b Review information to determine its usefulness, using predetermined criteria. GLO: C6, C8

5-0-2c Record information in own words and reference sources appropriately. GLO: C6 (ELA Grade 5, 3.3.2)

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Reflecting on Science and Technology

5-0-8g Describe positive and negative effects of scientific and technological endeavours. Include: effects on themselves, society, the environment, and the economy. GLO: A1, B1, B3, B5

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