Social Studies 4-12

The social studies program in Alberta contains expectations that complement the critical thinking approach of media education. The Alberta social studies curriculum states,

In our changing society, students will need to be practised at using a variety of skills and strategies. Students will need to be able to acquire knowledge, to interpret and communicate information, and to solve problems and make decisions. In doing all of this, students require a wide range of critical and creative thinking skills and strategies that they can apply to a variety of situations.

Alberta Learning, Social Studies Grades 10-20-30

On the left menu you will find outcome charts containing media-related learning expectations from the social studies curriculum, with links to supporting resources on the MediaSmarts site. As many of our lessons can be adapted to suit different grade levels and abilities, specific lessons may be listed for more than one grade. Teachers should also note that individual lessons often satisfy a number of expectations.

Alberta Education’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) curriculum is infused throughout the social studies program of studies. MediaSmarts has lessons that match the ICT curriculum; teachers can find links to lessons and resources in the right hand sidebar.