Outcome Chart - Nova Scotia - Technology Education Grade 7

Overall Expectations

Students will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of the history and evolution of technology, and of its social and cultural implications.

Students will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of the consequences of their technological choices.

Specific Expectations

Students will:

  • demonstrate an awareness of ethics and environmental responsibility in technological decision-making and work habits
  • demonstrate preparedness for technological problem solving

Lessons that meet Grade 7 expectations

Cyberbullying and the Law

Cyberbullying and Civic Participation

Deconstructing Web Pages

Finding and Authenticating Online Information on Global Development Issues

I heard it ‘round the Internet: Sexual health education and authenticating online information

Online Marketing to Kids: Protecting Your Privacy

Online Marketing to Kids: Strategies and Techniques

Playing With Privacy

Privacy and Internet Life: Lesson Plan for Intermediate Classrooms

Promoting Ethical Behaviour Online: Our Values and Ethics

Taming the Wild Wiki

The Hero Project: Authenticating Online Information

Understanding Cyberbullying : Virtual vs. Physical Worlds

Up, Up and Away? (TM)

Video Production of a Newscast

Winning the Cyber Security Game

What Students Need to Know about Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

Educational Games

Allies and Aliens

Top Secret!

Student Tutorials (Licensed Resource)

Passport to the Internet

A Day in the Life of the Jos