Outcome Chart - Saskatchewan - Health Education Grade 7

This outcome chart contains media-related learning outcomes from the Saskatchewan Grade 7 Health Education curriculum, with links to supporting resources on the MediaSmarts site.

Develop the understanding, skills, and confidences necessary to take action to improve health

Overall Expectations

Demonstrate a personalized and coherent understanding of the importance of nurturing harmony in relationships (with self, others, and the environment), and apply effective strategies to re/ establish harmony when conflict arises.

Specific Expectations

Locate sources and evaluate information, according to specific criteria, about relationships and conflict

Analyze personal strategies for dealing with conflict (e.g., reduce/avoid barriers to communicating clearly and constructively)


Cyberbullying and the Law

Violence and Video Games

Promoting Ethical Behaviour Online: Our Values and Ethics

Taking Charge of TV Violence

Understanding Cyberbullying: Virtual vs. Physical Worlds

Violence in Sports

Cyberbullying and Civic Participation

Understanding Cyberbullying : Virtual vs. Physical Worlds

Promoting Ethical Behaviour Online: Our Values and Ethics

That’s Not Cool

Put Your Best Face Forward

Educational Games

Allies and Aliens

CyberSense and Nonsense

Student Tutorial (Licensed Resource)

Passport to the Internet

A Day in the Life of the Jos

MyWorld: A digital literacy tutorial for secondary students