Violence and Video Games - Lesson

Lesson Plan

Level : Grades 7 to 9

Author: MediaSmarts


In this lesson, students explore the issues surrounding violent video games. The lesson begins with a review of the Entertainment Software Rating Board’s rating codes for video and computer games, and a class discussion about the appropriateness of these ratings for children and teens. Using the article “Killer Games” as a starting point, students discuss the elements that contribute to video game violence; at what age young people should be in order to play violent games; and the possible effects of violent video games on young people. As a summative activity, students write a persuasive essay (or have a class debate) refuting or affirming the idea that violent video games promote violence among youth.

Learning Outcomes

Students demonstrate:

  • an understanding of the debate surrounding the influence of violent video games on young people
  • an awareness of the different types of violence found in some video games
  • a knowledge of the classification systems that govern video and computer games
  • an understanding of their own attitudes towards violent video games


This lesson and all associated documents (handouts, overheads, backgrounders) are available in an easy-print, pdf kit version.

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