Resources for Teachers - Violence

Violence in Sports

In this lesson, students explore the gratuitous use of violence in sports.

Governance of Television and Radio Communications in Canada

To introduce students to the organizations of the Canadian broadcasting industry, and to the codes, guidelines and issues relating to violence, ethics, representation, advertising and the accuracy of news in television and radio programming.

Favourite Sports and Athletes: Introduction to Sports Media - Lesson

This lesson develops a beginning awareness by students of how they feel towards, and respond to, different sports, and how the media represents athletics.

Talking to kids about media violence

Talking to kids about violence in the media they consume – television, movies, video games, music and the Internet – can help them put media violence into perspective and perhaps diffuse some of its power. 

Facing TV Violence: Rewriting the Script - Lesson

This lesson teaches children that television doesn't always offer the best solutions to conflict.