Outcome Chart - Prince Edward Island - Canadian Studies 401A

Unit 6: Canada’s Cultural Mosaic (Culture and Diversity)

Overall Expectations

Students will be expected to demonstate an understanding of culture, diversity, and world view, recognizing the similarities and differences reflected in various personal, cultural, racial, and ethnic perspectives

Specific Expectations

10-6-1 describe the four elements of culture

10-6-2 analyze the various subcultures that exist within a school

10-6-3 analyse ways that popular culture contributes to Canadian culture

10-6-4 assess the impact of popular culture on traditional cultures

10-6-5 explain how Canada is evolving into an increasingly multicultural nation

10-6-6 explain why Canadian culture continues to become more diverse

10-6-7 describe ways in which various cultures strive to maintain their heritage

10-6-8 give examples of how Canadian culture is influenced by global forces

10-6-9 analyze various aspects of popular culture in a global context

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