Outcome Chart - Ontario - History CHI4U: Canada: History, Identity and Culture

This chart contains media-related learning outcomes from Ontario, Curriculum for History CHI4U: Canada: History, Identity and Culture, with links to supporting resources on the MediaSmarts site.

Historical Inquiry and Skill Development

Overall Expectations

Historical Inquiry: use the historical inquiry process and the concepts of historical thinking when investigating aspects of Canadian history, with a focus on the development of identity and culture

Specific Expectations

A1.1 formulate different types of questions to guide investigations into issues, events, and/or developments in Canadian history, with a focus on the development of identity and culture

A1.2 select and organize relevant evidence and information on aspects of Canadian history from a variety of primary and secondary sources

A1.3 assess the credibility of sources and information relevant to their investigations

A1.4 interpret and analyse evidence and information relevant to their investigations, using various tools, strategies, and approaches appropriate for historical inquiry

A1.7 evaluate and synthesize their findings to formulate conclusions and/or make informed judgements or predictions about the issues, events, and/or developments they are investigating

A1.8 communicate their ideas, arguments, and conclusions using various formats and styles, as appropriate for the audience and purpose

A1.9 use accepted forms of documentation (e.g., footnotes or endnotes, author/date citations, reference lists, bibliographies, credits) to reference different types of sources (e.g., archival sources, articles, art works, blogs, books, films or videos, oral evidence, websites)

MediaSmarts Resources

Lesson Plans

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Interactive Resources

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Canada Since 1945

Overall Expectations

Setting the Context: analyse various social/cultural, economic, and political events, trends, and/or developments in Canada since 1945 and their impact on the development of the country

Specific Expectations

E1.1 analyse key social/cultural trends and developments in Canada during this period, including changes in social attitudes/values (e.g., with reference to changes in the number and origins of immigrants and refugees; changes in birth, marriage, and divorce rates; continuing urbanization and the growth of suburbs; the development of the social safety net; biculturalism and multiculturalism; increasing concerns with rights, fairness, and equity; the development of countercultural, civil rights, environmental, and social protest movements; changes in the role and status of women), and assess their significance for the development of Canada, including the development of identity in Canada

E1.3 analyse ways in which technological and/or scientific developments during this period have contributed to the development of identity in Canada

E2.3 analyse interactions between Aboriginal peoples and different governments in Canada during this period, with a focus on both positive changes and unresolved issues

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Overall Expectations

Diversity and Citizenship: analyse how various individuals and groups have contributed to the development of identity, culture, and citizenship in Canada since 1945

Specific Expectations

E3.2 analyse how the lives, roles, and rights of Canadian women changed during this period

MediaSmarts Resources

Suffragettes and Iron Ladies