Outcome Chart – Nunavut - School Health Program 5

Strand: Aulajaaqtut

Overall Expectations: Mental and Emotional Well-being

Specific Expectations:

Making Decisions:

1. identify advertising techniques used to persuade

1. practise designing an advertisement using one or more persuasion techniques


1. identify situations that cause stress
2. identify signs of stress

1. identify specific ways of dealing with stress
2. practise behaviours which help deal with stress

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Overall Expectations: Family Life

Specific Expectations:


1. identify traditional male and female roles within the family
2. describe how male and female roles are changing and have changed

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Overall Expectations: Nutrition

Specific Expectations:

Food Classification:

1. classify foods that are excellent sources of leader nutrients into the four food groups

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Overall Expectations: Alcohol and Other Drugs

Specific Expectations:


1. identify that smoking tobacco affects the heart
2. explain that tobacco contains a drug


1. identify some short-term and long-term effects of drinking alcohol

1. identify the use and misuse of alcohol
2. identify some of the social effects of alcohol misuse
3. identify the resources available in a community to help someone with an alcohol problem


1. identify factors which will influence our decision to use or not use drugs (including tobacco, solvents and alcohol)

1. explain how peer pressure influences decisions
2. demonstrate some ways of resisting peer pressure

1. explain how advertising influences decisions
2. identify places where you can find advertisements

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