Outcome Chart - Nunavut - Social Studies 1

Strand: Nunavusiutit


A. Home and Family    
B. Home and School    
C. Home and Community    
D. Current Events

Overall Expectations:

  1.  Different names in any language for various relatives in a family and types of families (A)
  1. The contributions of each person in a home, including the student's personal responsibilities (A)

8. Basic general concepts of direction and location needed for mapping (ABC)

9. The layout of the neighbourhood: schools, playgrounds, parks, places to play, visit, shop and worship (C)
10. Physical features of the community and its surroundings (oceans, bays, lakes, rivers, hills, etc.) (C)
11. The main buildings or features of the community on maps or photos (C)


Processing Skills

Students will be able to:

  1. gather information by listening and observing
  2. organize information under headings

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Communication Skills

Students will be able to:

4. in group discussion, describe and explain differences (e.g., between family members and the different jobs they do)
5. with the teacher, write sentences or stories (e.g., about individuals in the community)

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