Outcome Chart - NWT - COM3125: AV Postproduction 2

COM3125: AV Postproduction 2

1. apply advanced postproduction techniques to produce a completed audio and video project

1.1 prepare a list regarding how edits will be carried out, using prepared production plans and storyboards and produce an audio and video project based on outlined criteria

1.2 add video transitions

1.3 create dynamic titles

1.4 apply editing tools, considering:

1.4.1 multicamera editing

1.4.2 replacing clips and footage

1.4.3 appropriate footage and audio syncs

1.5 add video effects; e.g., filters, lighting, key framing

1.6 use change time techniques; e.g., slow motion, reverse motion, time remapping

1.7 use audio mixer to enhance the sound

1.8 demonstrate composite techniques

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3. export the edited project in an appropriate format; e.g., digital video (DV), digital video disc (DVD), compact disc (CD), common Internet video formats

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4. identify copyright restrictions and permissions and put them into practice

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